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How to use XSync

So you have connected everything up? Nice work! Check out the guide below on how to get the most out of XSync.

Where to find the invoice panel

You will find the panel located on the left hand bar of any HubSpot deal or contact. 

Hubspot-panel-locationTIP: It's usually right at the bottom of the left sidebar. If you would like to re-order it
simply drag the top left corner of the XSync box to the position you would like. 

Creating an invoice and actions

To create an invoice simply click the "Create Invoice" button. This will load the invoice interface. 



If a contact already exists in Xero we will automatically pre-populate it for you. We use the email address associated to the contact or deal in HubSpot to try and find a match in Xero. 

No match? No problem. Search for an existing contact or hit the create contact button and add their details.


Adding invoice items

Use the "Item" drop down list to select from existing products items from Xero. This will pre-populate the rest of the information.

Can't find an item? No problem just skip the item drop down and add the details manually from the "Description" field onwards.

adding invoice items

Viewing an invoice

Once you have created your invoice click on the Invoice # link to view your handy work.

Made an error? Just click "Edit Invoice" from the actions.


Emailing your invoice

Once you are happy with the invoice you can now trigger it to be emailed from Xero. Under actions select "Email Invoice to customer". This action will send the invoice directly from Xero and mark it as sent (which is handy for accounts as they will also know that it's been sent out)

You will not be able to email the invoice if:

Once the invoice has been emailed you will no longer be able to edit it - you will have to contact your Xero administrator to make any further changes. This is so they can ensure tax payments fall into the correct time periods.