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Why use XSync?

Invoice your deals directly from HubSpot

Make deals and easily raise invoices all in one place. This plugin will let you invoice your HubSpot deals without leaving HubSpot.

Less friction between accounts and sales

Once you create an invoice in HubSpot it will automatically sync with Xero. The accounts team will be able to manage the invoice right in Xero.

Streamline your process and save time

Create and edit invoices quickly and easily right inside HubSpot so you can spend less time on admin and more time on your client.

Track invoices and payments easily

XSync gives you full visibility over the progress of your invoices for each deal. Track the invoices that have been raised, paid or still outstanding.

How XSync works?

Create invoices directly in HubSpot in 4 easy steps

Create your account

It’s easy! Click on the free trial button, enter your details, and then setup a password. We'll send you an email to confirm your account and you're in!

Connect your Xero account

Next you will connect your Xero account. Just click on the 'connect' button and login to your Xero account.

Connect your HubSpot account

Then you will connect your HubSpot account. Again you will just need to click on the 'connect' button and login to your HubSpot account.

Defaults & done!

Set any account defaults you like and you're done! Your XSync panel will now appear in HubSpot. Go to one of your deals or contacts in HubSpot, find the XSync panel in the left column and create an invoice!

Got questions?

What happens when my trial expires?

When your trial expires we will ask you if you would like to upgrade to a paid plan. The plan is $29.95 AUD per month billed monthly. You can purchase a paid plan in the Account Settings section of the XSync dashboard. All major credit cards are accepted.

How do I install the plugin?

Once you have created a XSync account, follow the on-boarding steps to connect your HubSpot and Xero accounts. You may need to get your Xero administrator to help with this step if you do not have the required access.

Where do I find the plugin?

Once connected you will find the XSync panel located in the left-hand bar of any HubSpot deal or contact.

Can I see all my company's invoices?

No! Only invoices you have raised through the XSync panel will be visible in HubSpot.

How are invoices emailed to clients?

Once you have raised an invoice you can select "Email invoice to customer" from the Actions menu. This will trigger the email function from Xero and mark it as sent. You can also download the invoice and email it manually.

Can I edit an invoice?

Yes! But only before the invoice has been emailed to your customer or has been paid. Once the invoice has been emailed or paid, it can no longer be edited in the XSync panel. To edit your invoice, simply click on "Edit invoice" from the Actions menu in the HubSpot panel.

Data security - what data do you store?

We store the bare minimum required to make the application function. This includes for Xero: invoice ID's, URLs, Contact ID's, Organisation ID's and Payment status. For HubSpot: Portal ID, Deal and Contact object ID's.

Create Xero invoices directly in HubSpot